Editorial Statements

          It is every academician’s, researcher’s, scientist’s, inventor’s dream to create or discover an unknown, show it to the world and leave it as his or her legacy for future generations to remember. It is this obsession with discovery and creation of something beautiful, which drives the scientist and insulates him from everyday problems in life, be it domestic or financial or social. This way, a scientist is also an artist, discovering new things, getting inspired and creating beautiful things. The fun of discovering new things is the continuation of a child’s enthusiasm in an adult body. This child like enthusiasm to discover new things should continue.

          Having said that, it is also important to record this process of discovery and creation scientifically, so that the researcher can stake claim to his work if there need be. All efforts will be in vain, if your findings are not recorded in a journal promptly and somebody else publishes similar findings. It would be a financial and more importantly a psychological disaster to be in such a situation. Remember, your research is not complete until you publish it.

          We would like to be the journal which will record your findings. We will not judge you by who you are or what you do. We will record your findings. As seen several times in the history of science, light comes from some of the darkest of places. Small scientists go on to become icons of scientific world. We would like to be a part of that glory.

          So, come to us. Publish your findings in this journal. Who knows, your research findings may change the world one day. We will help you stake claim to your findings.

About this Journal-

  1. Aim of this journal is to publish articles related to science (Excluding Health Sciences), engineering and technology. Authors are requested to verify whether their article fits into the scope of this journal.
  2. Acceptance rate is 60%.
  3. Average time between submission and final decision is 30 days. Average time between acceptance and publication is 10 days.
  4. All articles will be screened for plagiarism. Authors are advised to include citations to all resources they have referred while preparing the article. All issues of plagiarism will be dealt with as per COPE guidelines.
  5. Reliable double blind peer review. All articles will be sent to three reviewers. Two out of three reviewers should accept the article for publication.
  6. Open Access Journal- Full text of all articles will be available without login.
  7. Regular publication quarterly.
  8. Available both in print and online formats.
  9. Greater emphasis on references and citations.
  10. Improved content and English language editing.
  11. Bibliographic information-

                  eISSN- 2454-1788

                  pISSN- 2395-5600


JTASR is Indexed/ Reviewed in the following Resources-

     1. Google Scholar
     2. InfoBase Index (IBI Factor 2015- 2.8)
     3. J-Gate
     4. Index Copernicus (ICV 2016- 70.82)
     5. International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) Database


Date of last modification- 15th February 2016